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Pottery teacher

Ghadeer Abu Ayyash

I am Ghadeer Abu Ayyash, a visual artist, potter… I hold a BA in visual arts\ drawing and painting, in addition to numerous course certifications in design,Pottery and jewelry making. One of my proudest achievements is starting my own business; (my pottery shop) which has since Become my window to the world. Through My Pottery Shop, I aspire to make handmade art easily Accessible, allowing more and more people to examine how it feels to work with your own hands.

About this class

This course teaches you the basic hand building techniques for making anything in clay… If you are creative minded person who likes to make different things and likes to learn new techniques this course is for you. We use clay and some very basic hand tools mostly you can find in your kitchen. This is a great opportunity for beginners and improves to develop new making pottery skills. In this course you will be introduced to a variety of hand-building techniques including pinching, coiling, slabs work as well as basics about clay preparation. You will have time to spend on learning and experimenting with decorating techniques. The course will allow you to confidently create a beautiful piece of work from scratch. No experience is necessary.

Things you may learn with Ghadeer